We’re Moving Across the State of MN


The time has come to spread the MN Fire Hire Brand across the great State of Minnesota.  We have to thank Mike Schweigert for the great work he did as the Recruitment Coordinator for this period of time.  Our pilot of this program was a phenomenal success, partly because of his great passion for the job and we hope to have him bad in the future.

As you continue to follow us, you will see a change in the look and feel of the site.  Because we limited our scope of work to Anoka County over the past four years, the theme does not reflect the entire state.  This site was so successful in giving potential candidates the information they needed to become firefighters, that it only makes sense to share this Brand with others. We have the support of the State Fire Marshal and some of the largest firefighter organizations in the State.

We want to thank you for your continued support and excited for you to see what is to come!

Jerry and Lori Streich