Spread the word! AFD is searching for candidates to become our next firefighters. Could it be you?

Our current firefighters are “on-call.” They live near one of our three fire stations and respond to emergency calls and events when they are available. Many raise families and work full-time as well. Their careers range from nurses, electricians, business owners, deputies, paramedics, school staff, professional truck drivers, maintenance personnel, tradesman, and more. After work and home, they serve their community as a firefighter.

Being a firefighter is THE ultimate community service. We are an elite team that is highly trained and prepared to respond to any incident that threatens our community. We have become the Swiss Army knife dealing with structure fires, hazardous materials call, medical emergencies, crashes, technical rescue, water rescue, confined space, wildland fires, entrapments and much more. There are only 55 of us that can mitigate incidents like these in our area. Could it be you?

When was the last time you drove a vehicle that cost over $400,000? When was the last time your skills saved a life? Who do you know that you can call at any time of the day and they will come immediately? Being part of our team will introduce you to the silent heroes of Andover. You and your family will become part of something much larger than you can imagine. We are called the “A-Team” for a reason.

The City of Andover offers hourly pay and pension credit for your time. The department has strong support from city leaders and well-maintained equipment to keep you safe. We are moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, brother and sisters, uncles and aunts all working to educate and protect those who live, work, and visit this progressive community we know as Andover.

Some of the requirements include:
At least 18 years old.
Lives within 5 minutes of one of our three stations.
Ability to pass required interviews, screenings and criminal background.
Ability to pass the fire academy requirements to become a firefighter/Emergency medical responder.
Meet a minimum attendance benchmark for your assigned station.
Positive attitude with the ability to work in a progressive environment.
Ability to work within a team and adapt to change.
A desire to serve your neighbor under challenging conditions.
Ability to work in all weather conditions 247/365.

We have found over the years many people have “thought about becoming a firefighter” just never took the step. Maybe now is the time? Could it be you?

Give us a call at 763-755-9825 and visit *

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