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New YOU in 2022!

Updated: May 27, 2022

If 2021 were full of "I should have's" and "I wish I would have's," this is the year to change that. You do not need permission to hit the reset button, HIT IT, and find your purpose. Don't let the pandemic define who you become. Take charge and get it done. If you're unsure of your purpose, let me offer you an opportunity. Become a local emergency responder.

Communities around you are looking for people to help with emergency service demands, and people like you deliver those services. They respond to medical emergencies, fires, vehicle crashes, fire alarms, and more. I know this is not something you ever saw yourself doing, but it helps the greater good, and all of the training and equipment is FREE. In fact, many departments will pay you for your time and offer a retirement pension as well. You will meet some amazing people and experience things you have only seen on television. Imagine being part of a team of specialists who are called upon to find solutions to problems.

Challenge yourself! Hit the reset button and do something different in 2022. We can connect you with a department to serve with and explain everything you need to know before you apply. At MNFIREHIRE, we are firefighters ourselves, helping people LIKE YOU serve with pride. Do something new in 2022, become a local emergency responder. You can!


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