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I am sure this topic has been written about at least a million times, but hearing the sirens race all over town made me think about it. As we all enjoy our holiday break, emergency responders will be caring for others. Many of them had plans for the weekend, but the unexpected incident disrupted their lives a..g..a..i..n.

When you decide to enter the field of public safety, you have to understand that the work is for others. Those who are givers thrive in this area. Those who are takers will struggle. Givers look forward to going to work. They understand their role as emergency responders is to help those experiencing THEIR emergency and to be nonjudgmental. Caring for others leaves them feeling good about their work, and they look forward to the next call. These are the people who stay focused on their training and understand what is expected of them. Although they may not always remain positive at work, you would never see it in front of the people they serve. I have had the honor of working with people like this my entire career, and let me tell you; they add so much value to your life.

Takers contact you only when they need something from you? They cancel events with you because it doesn't work in their schedule. If you have never heard this before, here you go. There is more to life than just you.

As we all move through life's journey and age, our understanding of what success and happiness mean will change. One of the greatest thinkers of all time, Aristotle, stated: "Happiness depends on ourselves." He was convinced that a genuinely happy life required fulfilling a wide range of conditions, such as good mental health, physical health, and friendships. Much of life's happiness comes from being around people and sharing acts of kindness. Feeling good about yourself and having a purpose to wake up to each day drive happiness too. Those who feel alone, unhealthy, and unwilling to help others tend to have more cases of depression and physical health issues. How does this relate to the title of this story? Well, the most successful and trusted firefighters are givers. They arrive to work only to serve others, not themselves. They show up on time to selflessly serve and are willing to sacrifice their growth for others. In fact, some lay down their lives in the service of others.

If you're looking for that purpose, wanting to connect with new friends, and GIVE, becoming a local firefighter is a great way to do it. For a little bit of your time each month, you could work with amazing people to give back to the community you live within. We can help you do it. Contact us at


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